Friday, July 24, 2009

Bejeweled Blitz for Facebook - Tips & Tactics

UPDATE: I've written some additional tips for the updated Bejeweled Blitz, however, all tips below are still applicable in the new version, so please do read them as well as the additional tips here.

First things first, let me set some expectations. I am by no means an expert in Bejeweled Blitz for Facebook. My best score so far is 184,000 and I have played enough to consistently score above 75k. I have friends who score higher than I do, but I'm normally 1st or 2nd on my social ranking every week.

As I played and tried to improve my score, I looked around for tips by other players on how to improve (without cheating!). I found a few good tips but they were all scattered about. So I decided to consolidate the tips and tactics, particularly for beginners, to try and get a good score.

So here goes:

1. Get a jumpstart!

Not many people realize that you can actually start moving your first gem even before the voice says GO. This gives you a precious seconds or so to perhaps get your first power gem so you can...

2. Get the 2x multiplier gem early

It really helps if you get the x2 multiplier within the first 10 seconds of the game. This gives a good boost to your score moving forward.

3. Get the multipliers

Multipliers are produced when you get rid of 12 or more gems with 1 swap. So far the easiest way that I have found to do this is to explode a power gem and hope that you get as least 1 cascading match (9 from power gem, 3 from cascade). Be careful though, as you need to wait 10 seconds after a multiplier appears before you can get another one. So pace using your power gems so you don't waste them.

4. Power up!
Since Power Gems are the quickest ways to get multipliers, try and get as many as possible. This is done by matching 4 gems. To me, the problem with matching to get Power Gems, is that it keeps 1 gem in place and that sometimes throws me off on what are the other gems in the surrounding area. So I occasionally need to take a second to re-evaluate once I get a Power Gem, unless I quickly see another match on an area in the board that was not affected by the 4 gem match.

5. Avoid using the Power Gems at the sides

If you use the Power Gems at the absolute sides of the playing area, you are going to lose out on 3 gems when it explodes. So unless you are sure of making 2 cascading matches after to make 12 gems for a multiplier, don't match Power Gems at the sides!

6. Keep up the speed

You get speed bonuses if you make quick matches. The bonus is added to each match that you make until you fail to slow down. The first bonus of 200 if you make 3 matches within 2 seconds. This will then build up to a maximum of 1000. The higher your speed bonus, the longer that you have before you lose the bonus. So what does this all mean? Keep matching like crazy and don't stop!

7. Maximize the Hypercubes

Hypercubes are created when you do a 5 gem match and it destroys all the same coloured gems that it is swapped with. These are harder to get than the Power Gem and pay-off is quite good as you get a base of 400 points per gem. But why settle for a measly 400 points per gem when you can get more with the multipliers! So don't be so quick to do a Hypercube swap. Try to do one when you have at least a multiplier. Obviously be sure to swap with the gem that most fills the playing area to get more bang for your buck.

8. Don't waste the Hypercubes!

Hypercubes don't come easy. So why let them go to waste? Be sure NOT to do the following:
  • Match a Power Gem next to a Hypercube as it will destroy the Hypercube.
  • Swap a Hypercube with a Hypercube (DUH!)

9. Stay on the downlow

If possible, keep matching to the lower portion of the playing area. This minimizes the movement of your mouse, making you a bit faster and also has a higher probability of causing cascading matches, since the gems need to drop and new gems need to come in. The further up you play, the less gem movement there is, thus less probability for cascading matches.

10. Don't be afraid to quit

After a while, you would have gotten the hang of things and know when you are having a crappy game. If things are bad, just bail! Just click on Menu-> Main Menu -> Yes -> Play Now and voila! A fresh start!

Generally, if you haven't hit a 2x multiplier within the first 15 seconds of the game, you aren't going to get a good overall score, so unless you think things are gonna pick up (lots of same coloured gems on screen and you have a 2x and 3x multiplier just waiting to be matched), you might want to consider restarting to save you time.

Weird Tip: Switch off sound

Yeah, I thought this was a stupid idea too. I initially thought that the sound isn't distracting and was good to indicate when time was running out. But then I found that once I turned the sound off, I wasn't so bothered with the time anymore and was able to focus more on the playing area and just getting good matches. This allowed me to more scores above 100K.

Ok, so those are my tips for the game! Hope it benefits other Bejeweled Blitz players on Facebook. If you have found any other useful tips, please share them in the comments section below.

Now I'm off to trying and breach that 200K barrier... Wish me luck and Have fun!

Please leave a comment if you found this guide useful! If you are a Mafia Wars player, you can also check out my Mafia Wars strategy and tips here.


  1. Great Tips! Is there a way to turn off the sound on the game with out turning off my speakers? I like to game while I multi-task.

  2. Hi! You can turn off the sound by clicking on Menu->Sounds On. Good luck!

  3. Ummmm...pretty terrible advice on the hypercube part. The "duh." belongs to you. Swapping hypercubes is the BEST way to get a high score. It clears EFVERY gem off the board, giving you points for each one. If you do this with a higher multiplier, that one move could be worth a quarter million points or more by itself

  4. jkfan87 - thanks for pointing out the error in swapping hypercubes with each other. In the previous version of Blitz, swapping hypercubes didn't do anything. Popcap fixed that in the updated version.

  5. Hypercube swap wiping everything? Must be new! Definitely incorrect for the iPhone version. I personally prefer sound on - you can hear the pitch get higher, indicating speed bonuses. Other sound cues indicate special gems on screen u may have not been aware of..
    (best = 409k) :)

  6. Ps... Good tips otherwise - agree with the lot!

    Thanks for the 10sec delay tip - I knew it was there, but didn't know exactly what the delay was! :)

  7. Also, if u maintain speed bonus at 1000 for long enough, you get a blistering speed bonus, where is basic move explodes 9 gems, as if it was a power gem..

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