Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Extract, Edit & Upload Mii characters for Nintendo Wii

So you have just created a super Mii-likeness to yourself on your Nintendo Wii. But how do you flaunt your new Mini-Mii character around as your avatar on all your IMs and blogs if you can't get it out of your Wii?

Here's out... But I'm going to assume that you already have a modded Wii, with the Homebrew Channel on it. If your Wii isn't modded yet, I recommend that you read the WiiBrew FAQ to fully understand the implications before proceeding.

All modded and ready to go? Good!

First thing you'll need is to extract the Mii from your Wii. You can do that by using Waninkoko's Mii Extractor. This app will extract all the Miis (as .mii files) on your Wii to a MII folder on your SD Card.

Next, fire up your web browser and visit this website: http://www.myavatareditor.com/.

It's a really great online editor (offline too if you want to use it via Adobe Air) that allows you to load, modify and save your Mii avatars. It can also do 2 really nifty things that your normal Wii Mii Channel creator can't do:

1. Save your Mii as a JPG or PNG file so you can share it with the world!
2. Change your Mii's pants to a nice shiny Gold.

Now that you have edited your Mii more to your liking, you can now upload it back to your Wii.

You will first need to save it using MyAvatarEditor. Save the file as a .mii file extension to your SD card. Next, download and run Mii Installer on your Wii. This app will install Mii characters in the MII folder on the SD card to your Wii.

Now you can share your Mii with all your friends! Be prepared for smart remarks though... Someone already has told me that my Mii has got too much hair... =p

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