Monday, July 26, 2010

Play Snake while watching YouTube

Ok, let's face it, some YouTube videos are just boring. So what do you do? Play Snake of course!

Those geeky geniuses at YouTube have embedded a hidden easter egg in videos that are viewed from their website (ie it doesn't work for embedded videos like the one below).

Here's how you get it to work:
  1. Go to (duh...)
  2. The Easter Egg doesn't work on all videos, so just try your luck with a video from the Most Popular section at the bottom of the page. Or just click on this link; or double click the embedded video below to launch it in a new window)
  3. If the video has annotations, the Easter Egg won't work, so choose another one.
  4. Pause the video
  5. Press the left arrow button on your keyboard for a couple of seconds.
  6. If the Easter Egg works in the video you selected, you should see the Snake and "food" appear!

With this, YouTube is now even a bigger time-waster than it was before! Enjoy!

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